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BMW R1200 (Hexhead/Camhead) Tool Kit:

Some have asked for a complete list of my tools in the kit I have displayed online a few times, so here it is (pictured the R1200 Hexhead Kit):
This is the bare minimum kit you should have; asterisks on the list mark the minimum kit!
Here it is displayed.
This is what it looks like rolled up.
Here is what I carry; it represents everything on my list. I have some tools not specific to the R1200GS so that I can help anyone else if they need it.
And here it is in my Jesse bag. As you can see it takes up about 1/3rd of the bag, and fits in nicely!

Additional tools that are good to have on a trip:

Vice Grips 8 inch
4-way combination screwdriver 
3 inch needle nose pliers
3 inch side cutters
2 tire spoons 9 inch
Locking knife with 4 inch serrated blade
Flashlight (extra batteries)
Tire pressure gauge
Tire plug kit (string)
Small standard screwdriver

Spare fuel hose clamps
Spare fuel hose splice
Assorted nuts and bolts
Assorted wire and connectors
Digital volt/ohm meter
Zip ties assorted
Electrical wire assorted sizes and lengths
Electrical tape
Stainless safety wire
Duct tape

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