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Jim, I was hoping you would read this thread. It was your DVD that inspired me to start doing my own tune ups again. I can't express enough thanks for the DVD. I did the valves as you demonstrated. Don't know why ANYONE would have a problem with that approach. Easiest valve adjustment I've ever done. Seriously - for all those that haven't bought the DVD - dollar per dollar I consider this the most value that I've ever received for tools, books....whatever

DVD arrived in the mail the other day, and I must say it contains quite a bit of useful detail, and the video quality is very good. All operations are clearly visible and nicely narrated. For a guy like myself who is mechanically-willing, but not real experienced, this is just the ticket! Looking forward to some 'maintenance' this weekend. Thanks again Jim.

TKP_CGY Shipping Time

Quote: Originally Posted by JimVonBaden There have been a few orders that didn't make it to their destination. If your order is over two weeks old, and undelivered, please PM me and I will look into it, and ship you another DVD.

Hi Jim ... just thought that I'd let you know that my DVD was ordered on April 2nd, shipped on the 12th (I think), and arrived in the Great White North (Calgary Alberta Canada) on the 27th. I'd suggest giving it an extra week for orders North of the border. My compliments on a great video ... I watched the whole thing yesterday after it arrived and found it to be very good ... I certainly would not hesitate to perform any of the work described especially with such a good quality tutorial! I'll definitely be waiting for the companion video as the electrical work is what intimidates me the most ... maybe you could send a message to the folks that purchased the original DVD once the companion video is nearing completion ... just a thought Anyway ... thanks again for all of the hard work! TKP

05-17-2007, 01:23 PM
Receive mine yesterday. A Great step by step DVD, clearly explained. Really nicely done ! Thanks Jim.

Jim, Gotta say, love your video!!! I used it to do my 600 mile service this weekend and watching you made it a breeze. I have the GSA so some things are slightly different (i.e., tank removal) but it was no problem figuring those out with your video to get me started. One little thing, in your video you show changing the oil in one of the earlier chapters and mention doing it when the engine is hot (good advice). However, at the end of the oil change you suggest not adding oil if you are going to do the valve adjustment next. However, the valves have to be adjusted with the engine cold?! In my case the oil change takes just a few minutes and the engine would have been far too warm. I did the valves first and when I got her back together I didn't bother to add any more oil, just warmed her up and changed the oil/filter then. The oil you lose doing the valves is not significant enough to worry about when doing a 10 min spin around the block to warm up the engine for the oil change. While that little bit may seem a no brainer to most for someone who has no experience with doing valves they may miss the "engine cold" piece and end up with things out of whack - just a suggestion for future updates or add-in to the litte note that comes with the video. Thanks again, great work!!!

GSman of La Mancha
Just got my DVD from This is a good investment. I like the ability to actually see what needs to be done as opposed to reading it from a document from the HOW. Highly recommended. Great boost to my confidence while doing routine maintenance. Total - shipped to me was $27USD

I just wanted to say that I think you did a great job witht the dvd. You went at a pace that made me feel comfortable with what I am doing. I am terrified of working on my bike with fear of breaking something. But your on screen text and voice overs help with the little worries.

Just sayin' great job. :clap


Just In Case I Have Not...

Working on a motorcycle very gratifying to many, including me. I have reached a point where I am quite fortunate financially. (It wasn't always that way). If I had the courage (yes, courage) and a nearby ally should things go awry I would find great satisfaction in 'wrenching'. Suffice it to say I'm still chicken. But, the real reason for the PM is the thanks for the time and effort on your part. Truly above and beyond the call of duty. Your explanations are for the most part clear, and any lack of understanding are my shortcomings. This site truly is in your debt Jim.



Since I purchased my 07 GS Adv in November I have regularly checked in to ADVRider, mostly regarding the GSA.
I would like to say thank-you to you for your thought out posts, and the sharing of your knowledge. I don't know your back ground but I have come to trust your comments in your postings. Maybe only one other inmate I would say gives me that level of confidence.
I have been known to have my childish moments. Thankfully, you seem intellegent, mature and articulate!

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