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The Accessories DVD will include the following:
It covers the installation of many common accessories, and these will be applicable to, in most cases, all brands and types of motorcycles.
Included are:

* Centech Fuse Block Install
* Fuzeblock Install
* USB and Gerbing Plug Install
* Clearwater Krista Install
* LED Driving Light Install
* HID Install for R1200GS/Adv Install
* Seat Cover/foam Install
* Aftermarket Footpeg and Shifter Install/Adjust
* Bar Riser Install

The DVD should assist those of you on the fence in deciding you CAN do these installations yourself, and save money for those all-important farkles, and gas for riding!

The DVDs will be available for $20 plus $4 shipping to the continental US, $6 for non-US shipping.

I will accept Paypal as this is my preferred method of payment. I will also accept money orders, and personal checks for US orders ONLY, and with a US bank only, see the sales buttons on the top of this page when ordering becomes available.

The DVD is available for shipping immediately. It is produced into a master pressed format like a store bought movie which should be viewable on most DVD formats (NTSC), as well as virtually any lap-top computer. Many top line DVD players in Europe also play this format, though it is the North American Standard. See this link for locations in which this DVD will definitely work. In some cases you may need to use the basic Windows or Mac DVD player on your computer or laptop.

Many of the parts I used for this DVD came from the following: for the Fuzeblock and associated switches and connectors. for the LED driving lights. For Rox Risers.

Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair Videos
JVB Productions
Accessories DVD:

Caution: Although every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this DVD it was primarily designed to enhance your knowledge of the accessories available to you. As such, it is not meant to supply complete information about each procedure covered. Any damage done to a motorcycle or personal injury resulting from the use of the DVD is solely the responsibility of the user and not the maker or seller of the DVD. Please use the DVD as a reference only. Performing motorcycle maintenance can be dangerous so please take the proper precautions when attempting to perform your own service work. If you do not have the proper tools or mechanical ability to do this type of work it is best left to the professionals.

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